Lorne Park Capital Partners Inc. (“Lorne Park”) is pleased to announce Scott Watson as the Senior Vice President, Head of US Corporate Development, for Promus Asset Management, LLC (“Promus”) and Bellwether Investment Management USA, Inc. (“Bellwether USA”). Watson brings with him over 25 years of experience in the asset management, wealth management, and investment banking industries in the United States, making him a strategic and valuable addition to our U.S. wealth management platform.

Over the past two years, Watson and Lorne Park have worked closely together throughout the company’s first U.S. acquisition, Promus, as well as the establishment of Bellwether USA. During this endeavour, Watson came to respect the business model, core values, long-term vision, and deliberate growth strategy.

Having worked alongside established industry players such as Morgan Stanley, UBS, and most recently Charles Towne Holdings, Watson has developed a sophisticated understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of the current environment. Watson acknowledges that “the RIA model is extremely competitive and here to stay for good reasons. As the industry matures, there is a need to take advantage of economies of scale by finding the right partners, which is not easy.”

His diverse set of skills can be attributed to his background in acquisitions, raising capital, and distribution. Watson’s comprehensive understanding of the financial services industry is an exciting prospect for the company’s newly developed role, where he has turned his undivided attention to spearheading Bellwether USA’s corporate development as of March 1, 2023.

Watson shares the belief that quality cannot be compromised for the sake of growth. “We aspire to replicate the parent company’s success it enjoys in Canada. Having Promus, an award-winning firm, as our initial footprint in the US is a tremendous first step,” says Watson.

The Senior Vice President of U.S. Corporate Development will report to Bob Sewell, President and CEO of Lorne Park. Together, they will execute on the strategic plan for US growth in specific regions. Promus and Bellwether USA are confident that Watson's appointment will be instrumental in furthering the company's vision and expanding its operations in the United States. His knowledge and expertise will be invaluable in developing and executing strategic initiatives.

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