Your nest egg is more than just money. It may represent years of hard work and financial diligence, as well as the promise of a prosperous future for you and your family. Naturally, you want to be discerning when deciding whom to seek financial guidance from. Someone who doesn’t have your best interests in mind or whom you don’t feel comfortable with isn’t going to be able to provide the deep value a trusted advisor can offer.

The best financial advisor firms provide a different experience from what you’d see with traditional financial planning firms and banks. There’s no pushing investment products, no generic advice. Instead, you’re at the heart of it all – your needs, your goals, and your comfort level with risk.

At Bellwether, our advisors go above and beyond for our clients. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build and on the value we deliver. Here are some of the ways our financial advisory services are different from what you'd get from a bank or a typical advisor firm.

We put your interest first

We get to know you personally because that’s the only way to truly ensure we’re doing everything possible to help you achieve your financial goals. Bellwether is a fiduciary, which means we must always act in our client's best interests and be able to demonstrate that fact. We also adhere to the CFA Institute's Asset Managers Code of Professional Conduct. 

Security and discretion are priorities

We take your peace of mind very seriously. Your money is safely held by a third-party custodian that is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Our team also uses industry-leading security practices to protect our clients’ data.

We offer boutique experience

Unlike large financial institutions, we are small enough to offer a genuinely tailored experience. Our financial advisors base their guidance on all the unique facets of your financial goals and expectations because they take the time to truly understand your full financial picture.


We're experts at reducing portfolio risk

We aren’t going to only focus on returns like a lot of other financial advisor firms do. We spend just as much effort analyzing risk and ensuring your asset mix isn't making your portfolio vulnerable.

If you’re interested in a tailored portfolio grounded in proven processes, reach out to us today. We’d love to chat with you about your future.


© Bellwether Investment Management Inc. 2024. This communication is intended for residents of the provinces in which we are registered and is not meant to be a solicitation to any persons not resident in those provinces. Any opinions expressed in this article are just that, and are not guarantees of any future performance or returns. Some of the information contained in this article has been drawn from sources believed to be reliable but due to the fact that it is provided by a third party, it cannot be guaranteed to be accurate or complete. Bellwether Investment Management Inc., Bellwether Estate and Insurance Services Inc. and Bellwether Family Wealth cannot provide tax advice and therefore we recommend that you consult your tax advisor for further assistance with your tax planning and the preparation of your tax return. The report is prepared for general informational purposes only and the securities mentioned in this report should not be construed as a recommendation for any specific securities.

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