With the internet, you have access to endless information online, enabling you to research different investments and wealth-building strategies yourself. So, the question is, if you have useful info at your fingertips, what will you gain from consulting with a professional advisor? Is a financial advisor worth it?


You can make smart financial decisions yourself if you’re willing to do the research. However, what a financial advisor provides goes far beyond useful information. An advisor helps clients protect their money and build wealth in a number of ways. Here are three of the most important.

Tax-efficient planning and investing

Taxes impact how much you earn on your investments. The problem is, few investors have the time (or desire) to understand the myriad nuances of tax law and how different decisions impact their tax bill.

From weighing the pros and cons of deferring taxes until retirement to structuring your investment income to avoid Old Age Security clawbacks, a financial advisor can help you manage your tax burden and make tax-efficient decisions. Professional guidance can stop you from paying more than you need to because you don’t realize what other options are available.

Customized financial advice

What works for all won't necessarily work for the individual. There are too many variables involved in financial planning for a cookie-cutter approach to be effective. Life stages, future goals, current limits, personal preferences and values — all of these factors matter when it comes to developing a financial plan that serves your best interests.

That’s where an experienced financial advisor becomes invaluable. You may be able to find insights on saving for retirement, investing in ETFs, and cash flow management, but only an expert can take all relevant elements, assess how they interact, and weave them together into a holistic plan tailored to your financial journey.


Behavioral coaching

Another critical and often overlooked value of a financial advisor is their expert, objective point of view. When making decisions about your money, it’s hard not to be influenced by emotions. Fears of what will happen if you don’t sell your shares during a stock market free fall. Hopes that purchasing a so-called hot investment will yield solid returns.

An advisor will keep your feet on the ground, give you the full picture of the opportunities you have right now, and help you weigh the risks and benefits of every move.


This is insight you’ll never find online from a Google search. It’s not something you’ll read in a book. It’s what comes from an experienced, trustworthy professional who has spent years helping clients build wealth. If this sounds like something you see value in, reach out today.


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