Holistic financial planning takes every piece of your unique financial puzzle into account. It looks beyond the numbers and financial modelling.

Personal goals—how the decisions you make today impact long-term objectives—, investment preferences, lifestyle priorities; any variables that may change along the way. A holistic plan considers all of these, and more, to identify actions that will enable you to meet your goals in the future. Because it respects and reflects you and your individual goals, it is an effective way to plan for and achieve your dreams.

Why number-crunching alone does not work

In order to reach your personal financial goals, you have to start with a plan that is based on every nuance of your life; your financial situation, priorities, and both short- and long-term goals. Holistic financial planning addresses areas such as tax minimization, cashflow analysis and planning, as well as estate planning.

That is why robo-advisors are not an effective tool for making financial decisions. It would be convenient if we could plug all of these factors into a calculator and create a fool-proof plan. But that is not how things work; it is not that easy. At least not when it comes to things that really matter in life.

A holistic approach has scope for all the complexities of real life. It enables a dynamic, evolving plan that is always aligned with your goals.

A holistic financial plan considers the whole picture

With holistic financial planning, an advisor is able to develop a relationship with their clients. Then, using the data collected through that relationship, combined with their expertise, they are able to take more, realistic factors into consideration, which results in a superior plan.

Not only that, but by understanding the whole picture, from tax strategies to retirement planning, they can help clients navigate major life events—such as divorce, buying a property, or coming into an inheritance—so they can make well-informed decisions that will best serve personal financial goals.

Benefit from a process designed to help you achieve your dreams


You have a dream. We know how to help you get there.

At Bellwether, we use a five-step process to craft a custom plan. It all starts with getting to know you—we will meet as many times as necessary to review your goals and determine how we can guide you on your personal path. Then, we assess your existing investments and other financial factors so that we can present you with your custom solution, before implementing your plan and monitoring it for performance.

Your financial plan is a big deal. You should be able to count on an experienced team, committed to crafting one that takes the full picture of your life into account.


Are you on track to meet your financial goals?

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