Bellwether Investment Management is pleased to announce the appointment of Julianna Varpalotai-Xavier as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer.

Julianna has been in the investment management industry for over 25 years. She is a CPA, CA and has an MBA from the University of Cambridge. Throughout her career, she has had experience working with affluent families, institutional clients, and advisors.

Julianna brings to Bellwether her comprehensive knowledge of investment operations and system integration in the portfolio management field which is supplemented by her tenure and experience in compliance. She is a strong proponent of streamlining processes to simplify the way a business operates. Julianna recognizes that operations and compliance are more effective if they are integrated, creating a more efficient organization resulting in Bellwether’s goal: a great client experience.

Bellwether Investment Management Inc. is a hand-picked team of portfolio managers and family wealth advisors from across Canada, brought together to achieve a single goal: yours. To learn more about Bellwether Investment Management, please visit

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